The world’s largest Instagram statistics service changes names


 At Future M3dia Group we love Instagram because it represents a high-quality social media experience that is surprisingly simple. The beauty of Instagram is the ease of use and access to great content that it brings to the social marketing person who is wanting a great way to engage with their audience. Many social platforms did not support Instagram or offer enough statistics to help people and brands to understand and measure how effective they were on what many call the number one social platform today.

One blog discribes Statigram as:

“Statigram is a website that allows you to access the world largest social mobile community – Instagram from your computer! Looking at a phone all day can be bad for the neck, so it’s a nice way to still engage. Statigram lets you view, measure, manage, and promote your Instagram account.”

This message appeared on site and via email to all statigram users today.


“Today we are thrilled to announce that Statigram becomes Iconosquare.

We believe that this new identity better reflects the way our platform has evolved over the last few years. It is no longer only about analyzing your statistics, it is also about managing your activity and engaging your community. 

Iconosquare is the place where images gather, the place where visual content matters.

Nothing to worry about – our name has changed but our website remains the same. You will still find all the cool features you’ve enjoyed so far.

If you like our platform and want to help us spread the word please take a second to share the snapshot attached to this email with your Instagram community using #iconosquare. Thank you!”


If you wish to use the newly named Iconosquare to turbo-charge your social marketing click here now>>>  see below for a brief list of what you can do using this service. We at Future M3dia think its dang useful and we use it in many of our efforts for our companies and clients.

Iconosquare allows you to:

  • Promote your Instagram account across other social networks with feed tabs or photo widgets.
  • Manage your community and their comments on a user-friendly platform.
  • Analyse your activity through professional statistics.
  • Engage your community with photo contests: Setup, promote, moderate, monitor and publish results of an Instagram contest all within Iconosquare.

Thanks to your tremendous feedback, we are constantly moving forward in order to provide you with the most efficient tool.


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