The Art of Marketing by Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk says that authenticity an passion are the most important things for business and marketing. Our communication and the way we buy things and consume information is changing so rapidly that the impact on global culture is hard to measure. Marketers and businesses need to make sure that they are taking part in every conversation with their customers that they can. They need to stop living in the dark ages where conversations were one-way and a brand could present any picture it wanted. Today the public has a bullshit radar that is so much more acute than ever before. Execution is sexy and is really all that matters. At Future M3dia we pride ourselves in being flexible enough to adapt to the changing need of our clients in the information age. We all need to look ourselves in the mirror and stop lying to ourselves. Being exactly who we are is more important than ever. We believe in focusing on the strengths of our clients in a personal, authentic way will result in positive execution and word of mouth that is priceless. The last word of the day from our guru Gary Vaynerchuk is don’t conform into something that’s comfortable. A brand that makes a product for everyone is making products for noone. Don’t be afraid to have controlled chaos and make some people mad because if you move people well, the right people will be happy with what you do.



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