Journey Las Vegas Residency at the Joint


The legendary rock band Journey announced its venture in to Las Vegas for their NNE show

residency performance, scheduled to take place at The Joint within Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

The Band first formed back in 1973 in San Francisco, a combination of former band members of

Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. The band would soon go on to release multiple albums

and singles out of which ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ became a super hit in 1981.


The single

remarkably captured the charts with countless hearts and souls once again in the year 2009, as

the highest selling track not released within the 21st century, on iTunes.

Journey’s original crew has dealt with changes in the past aswell and today’s lineup consists of

Neal Schon, Ross Valley, Johnathan Cain, Deen Costronova and of course frontman Arnel Pineda

who himself has replace the original Steve Perri and Steve Augeri. There have been shows and

tours down the road, but this was their first Las Vegas residency.

There were nine shows starting from the 29th of April and continuing on the 1st, 2nd 6th, 8th,

9th, 13th and 15th of May before finishing on the 16th. And what a way to finish, as the 16th of

May was coronated as the ‘Journey Las Vegas Day’ by Clark County. All shows revisted Journey’s

classics and previous hits from ‘Wheel in the Sky’, ‘Any Way You Want it’ to ‘Faithfully’

Journey Memorabilia Display at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas


Band members also played their favorites from ‘Open Arms’ to ‘Stone in Love’ and many more at the

Joint. The varied the rptrack lists and ended the show with the aforementioned classic ‘Don’t

Stop Believing’ with confetti raining down on the crowd.

The whole resort was peppered with tribute and homage towards Journey, and their albums

and singles being referred to constantly make the rock and roll crowd at home, from casino felt

tables, staff shirts, building wraps to cocktails and other eatery and much more.


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