If Content is King then Context is God


Gary Vaynerchuk is somewhat of a legend in our offices at Future M3dia Group. We love his unapologetic  way of interacting. His irreverent and sometimes abrasive language communicates something much more important than the occasional expletive that most “traditional marketers” pick up on. Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge proponent of human marketing and that is why it’s so important that he not try to polish up his language or presentation.

People want to connect with real people & brands that talk to them and not at them. When the Future M3dia staff takes a few minutes off in the middle of a busy work day to play play-station or watch the latest basketball game we encourage it. We believe that connecting to pop culture in real-time is the only way to get through all the noise in our over-saturated 21st century environment. Context is so much more important because it tells people why the content is important to THEM.

We are starting to see a deluge of great content being produced by numerous professional companies and crowd sourced methods like blogging and social media platforms. The rise in popularity of sites that curate the content (which give is the CONTEXT to be useful) like Reddit and Buzzfeed is proof that the supply demand curve of content and marketing is becoming ever more skewed in favor of larger supply than there is demand.

So how do you stand out? At Future M3dia we try to use our people as our biggest resource to reach out and connect our clients with real people in the community. The content is powered by real people and shared across both the digital, social and physical platforms in person. We use content based around brand evangelists and then go out into the real world and turbo-charge that content by telling the story in person if necessary that brings people back to a quality interaction that will result in a life time customer.




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