Gary Vaynerchuk: The Fastest Growing Demographic on Instagram May Shock You


Vayner Media: 40 and up are joining Instagram

Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VaynerMedia, a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, and public speaker, has some surprising insights about the demographics and conversion statistics of social media marketing. In a recent speaking engagement on July 8th, Vaynerchuk cited the fastest growing demographic currently on Instagram (believe it or not) is adults between the ages of 4o – 60 years old.  What’s even more surprising is in the last 6 months women of the average age of 43 years old have taken MORE selfies then ANY other age group in the world. What is the significance of this fact??? The fact is too many businesses according to Vaynerchuk “assume” that social media & social media marketing is not the “card” to play to broadcast to prospective customers and clients about their business.  Another EXTREMELY interesting statistic Vaynerchuk points out is the highest CONVERSION rate for consumption on Facebook right now is 46 – 63 year old Americans. Vaynerchuk explains the phenomenon is due in large part to the “youthification” of society due to integration of technology in correspondence to the information age as it has shaped the world since the “Digital Revolotion” beginning in the early 90’s.  “Things are changing, and it’s interesting to watch” Vaynerchuk explains as many business treat social media like traditional email marketing, and are not storytelling to the where the consumer truly is. Gary Vanderchuk is also a New York times best-selling author of the good “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” ~ How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World where he explains how to “connect” with customers and beat the competition.


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