Banjo Puts News And Live Events Front And Center With Version 4.0 Of Its Mobile App


At Future M3dia Group we like to keep our eye on the latest advances in Social Media. might just be the next big thing.

Social discovery app Banjo has evolved into something quite different from where it started, and that’s a very good thing. The mobile app used to essentially just surface relevant social connections and activities nearby, but it has since harnessed all the data it was gathering to become an event and breaking news detection engine so powerful that many new organizations now use it. It’s putting a little of that magic back into the consumer app today with version 4.0.

Banjo powers a surprising amount of live social content seen on major television networks like NBC, FOX and the BBC, and founder and CEO Damien Patton explained to me in an interview that it can actually predict events and breaking news before they hit Google or anywhere else – public social signals collected in real-time through Twitter and other networks start to ramp up quickly whenever anything important goes down, and Banjo’s tech is excellent at spotting and surfacing that stuff early.



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